The Restaurant

Who we are

Taverna della Scala, from 60s the restaurant in Trastevere

The restaurant La Taverna della Scala, born in the early 60s, has seen in succession 3 managements; during the last administration present since 2000, our restaurant has been modernized with a major renovation that has kept alive the original look of the ancient and typical characteristics trasteverine taverns. We are located in the beautiful setting of Piazza della Scala, situated in the ancient heart of Trastevere. At night, the streets around our restaurant are filled with stands and shops open till late to brighten your evening walks.

Our cooking

Our cuisine offers the classic Roman and Mediterranean traditional dishes. Our target was to keep the original flavor of food excluding reinterpretations like "new age". Although we specialize in first courses, we also offer fresh fish dishes, vegetarian dishes and gluten-free pasta. The excellent value for money does not preclude the genuineness of the products.

Our Traditions

The unique atmosphere of the place, the kindness and helpfulness of our staff, the quality of our dishes symbol of Roman culinary tradition but also the most classic Italian and not least the hygiene of our restaurant will delight you and make your evenings unique at Taverna della Scala.